Tricky people

If you grew up with warnings about ‘stranger danger’, then perhaps it’s time you learnt all about ‘tricky people’.  You know, the friendly guy at the park who asks your child to help him look for his dog.  Or the teacher who wants to reward your child with some one on one time after school.  Or the relative asking your child to keep secrets.  Because the person that is statistically most likely to harm your child is not a big scary looking man that makes your child want to run away.  It’s a family member or other trusted adult that is actually really tricky.

We came across an article on this topic that we though made a lot of sense, and blogged about it here back in August.  It’s definitely worth a read, and worth sharing with other parents.

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  1. Cress

    January 15, 2015 at 5:24 pm

    I wondered where i had heard the advice to tell my little one to find another mum to ask for help if she was in trouble… Now i know. THANK YOU! My daughter (3yo) used this advice last week when we were camping and she got lost in the massive campground. I was beside myself. According to her, she took a wrong turn and kept walking thinking she would find me. She started getting really sad (that broke my heart!) and a lady came up and asked if she was lost. My daughter looked at her and said no and walked away. See – i had told her not to talk to strangers… But then a few minutes later she saw the same woman who this time had her two children with her (so she was now a mummy in my daughter’s eyes), so my daughter went up to her and said, please can you help me i cant find my mummy. And promptly burst into tears. A horrible lesson, but one which could have been much much worse had i not followed the advice from the blog you linked to – so thank you!


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