Describe your business in a sentence.  Promoting healthy food for kids through eco friendly products and food ideas.

How did it all begin?  A few wines with some first time mums about the lack of seasonal easy cookbooks for families and the many unhealthy food options for kids. Then I started to put some recipes together, then a group of us put together a successful blog where we natter about food, kids and parenting,, then an MBA to help with developing a business, then an online store selling eco friendly kitchen products then three kids later and the Munch cookbook was published! And I suppose Munch was then crystallised.  I also believe that private and public organisations should work together to help make change .  So we partnered with Parents Voice who promote healthy living for kids (three other NGO including Cancer Society are involved) to run the website and social media (we also run a number of other social media sites).  Recently we have launched the  to raise awareness of the goodies and the baddies of the kids food industry, voting open till the 29th October so head on over.  More more recently we have taken over which show cases our kiwi mums who write blogs.  So watch this space on where we will take this fantastic community.

What’s the best thing you’ve learned in the last couple of weeks? Everyone gets nervous.  About to do a workshop at the Go Green Expo, Wellington on 12/13 October 2013. 

What did you want to be when you grew up? A creator of something. 

What’s your best skill outside of writing and publishing fun cookbooks for parents and children? Negotiating, from my many years of being a corporate lawyer. 

What’s your favourite thing to do on a Sunday? Eating hubby’s pancakes for brekkie with our three little boys.

What embarrassing incident have you never gotten over? Too many, no jokes, but still many embarrassing ones but I do get over things and move on very quickly as life is short! 

How do you jiggle the juggle? Not a problem if you love them both i.e; family and my creation – Munch. 

What do the future of Munch Cooking hold? As long as I keep loving it and the balance is right…..Munch will be a household name for healthy food and more… 

How do we find you?  We are online at and plus all our social media channels. We are also at the Go Green Expo doing some cooking workshops so head along if you want to meet us in person.  Our cookbook has been very popular and you will find it in many retail outlets such as Whitcoulls nationwide and Te Papa stores etc. although our business model is generally online based.

If you would like to go into the draw to win a copy of the sensational Munch: Seasonal Cookbook for Baby and Family then click here.







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