We can all probably relate to how stressful it can be to find somewhere safe, supervised and stimulating for our primary school kids to go before and/or after school either on a regular basis or for those days when the meetings are running late, the cat needs to be at the vet or for any other unexpected curve balls life throws our way.

Safe Kids in Daily Supervision or sKids began in 1996 when two mothers recognised that very need for structured Out-of-School Care for primary school aged children.  Since the opening of the first sKids Centre in Auckland, sKids has expanded under the guidance of the owners Dawn Engelbrecht and Bev Parsons to more than 70 centres nationwide. You can find a sKids Centre at a school near you in Whangarei, Rodney, Auckland, Thames, Papamoa, Whanganui, Horowhenua, Hamilton, Te Puke, Taupo, Wellington, Christchurch, Asburton, Timaru and Queenstown.

Meet Chris, mum extraordinaire and Director of Business Development at sKids;

MoT loves all Mums – what flavour are you? Mum Mum, Working Mum, mum of young adults and love it!!!!

Which Mum badges are you qualified to wear? Messy Bedrooms, one has Left the Nest. The other knows which way his bread is buttered!!!!

List three things that have changed since you started working with sKids;

Lots of travel.

Giving lovely people the opportunity to have a better life is a wonderful feeling.

Contributing to the growth of people in our network to enable them to do great things in community.

What are your words of wisdom for fellow MoTs on jiggling the juggle?

Be true to yourself. When you find the right thing you can openly manage because it is right for you.

What three words would your friends use to describe you?  Energetic, focused and hard-working.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Live on a farm.

What is your biggest fear?  Bungy or jumping out of a plane.

What is your favourite thing to do on Sunday?  Family breakfast.

What embarrassing incident have you never gotten over?  I do remember my gorgeous boy who must have been about 10.  I had left my husband  at home and headed to Masterton with my 2 children to visit and friend and her family for a couple of days in the school holidays.  The first night they had a couple of friends around and we all played cards.  My son kindly said to one of my friends male friends who had arrived on a motorbike “ because it is raining why don’t you stay the night – there is plenty of room in Mum’s bed and dad said she is very cuddly” awkward !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is good when I am on holiday with my family and friends, relaxing and laughing.  Being out on the boat fishing or tramping on a beautiful day with a spectacular view.  Experiencing new parts of NZ, we are so lucky we have a beautiful country.


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