Describe your business in a sentence. My other baby. Either that or modern and fresh prints to brighten both your home and your life.

How did it all begin? I had been creating prints for my son’s bedroom after I went on maternity leave as I envisioned having a frame wall, but I was so picky about the prints I wanted for it. People kept telling me I should start selling my work as they were really impressed by it, especially my sister-in-law! I couldn’t really afford to start things up, so the idea got put on the backburner for a while, but once I was back at work when my son was 8 weeks old, I realised I really didn’t want to miss out on any time with him, so I started seriously considering it again. I went out one day and found a $20 note on the ground, so I went and bought some paper and cardstock to print on, came home, designed a load of new prints to kick start things, and up sprouted Viva la Vector!

What’s the best thing you’ve learned in the last couple of weeks? Simultaneously the worst thing: never bank on your child to have their nap at the same time as usual when you have a lot of work to get done!

What did you want to be when you grew up? I think initially it was something really generic like a hairdresser or a singer or a ballerina. As I grew older I realised I definitely wanted to do something artistic!

What’s your best skill outside of designing affordable made-to-order printsA tie between drawing my eyebrows on perfectly every day and being able to spot avocado in food from a mile away. Hate the stuff!

What’s your favourite thing to do on a Sunday? Relax in the sun! Though most Sundays are unfortunately spent catching up on housework and errands!

What embarrassing incident have you never gotten over? Probably face-planting onto concrete when I was really young! I knocked out both of my front teeth and they didn’t grow back for AGES! Naturally, every Christmas I got asked repeatedly if I was wishing for my two front teeth.

How do you jiggle the juggle? My son, Felix, is my main priority, so my days are spent having lots of fun with him, then during some day naps, and every night once he’s in bed, I work work work until I’m almost asleep at my laptop! It’s taken me quite some time to find a good balance between things, but I think I’ve got it now!

What do the futures of  Viva la Vector hold? The closest thing to actually happening, and one of the most exciting, is a collaboration that I’ve been working on with Mandy from Noah & Bowie. We’re hosting a “nursery makeover” giveaway on each of our pages (same prize packs, but I’m hosting the boys giveaway and she’s hosting the girls) and they will go live on the 9th of September! I can’t wait!

How do we find you? At the moment I can be found on Facebook, but I own the domain and there’s a website on its way, so keep an eye out!

If you would like to enter to win a beautiful print from Viva la Vector then click here.



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