Mums on Top is a community of 10,000 Mums unwilling to fit the cookie cutter mould.

Our aim is for our community of very opinionated Mums to be a voice for all flavours of Mums and families in New Zealand society. We want to do this with a blend of common sense, good humour and a strong dose of reality.

Why on earth should anyone be interested in a group of Mums?

Mums are powerful people.  For many brands they are the key to commercial success because they are the one and more often than not, the only route not just to children but to the entire household expenditure.

Face it – as much as you might like to think otherwise – your Mum bought your deodorant, decided what was for dinner and said yes or no to that pair of jeans you really wanted pretty much until you left home.

We can help your brand gain cut through in what is a hugely cluttered space.

Mums on Top Mums are active and vocal in social media circles.  They play an active role in content creation in the social media spectrum and are key influencers in their community.  If you are deploying a campaign that involves a sensory experience of your brand, a product trial or you are aiming for a switch sell approach then our Mums are key influencers in the social media environment.

Mums on Top is a community of 10,000 Mums unwilling to fit the cookie cutter mould. We’re warning you – this is definitely no Ages and Stages website.

A little about us:

  • Mums on Top was started in 2006 and is New Zealand based.
  • We have a blog ( and an online private community (
  • We love social media – you can find us on twitter (@mumsontop), facebook ( and pinterest (mumsontop)
  • All together we have the ability to reach 10,000 + NZ MoT Mums in any one day online.
  • The majority of our Mums are the gatekeepers of annual family incomes of $80,000+
  • Most of our readers are NZ women between 25-44 years old.

Some very important numbers:


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MoT Community
4408 1237 859 6265


What to know who reads Mums on Top? Here’s a set of graphics so you can have a better idea if we are the right fit for each other. As you can see below most of our readers are female between the 25-44 years old. This information and graphics are extracted from the insights feature of our Facebook Page

March 2013 Facebook Stats - Mums on Top

We’re happy to offer many different and affordable advertising options, so if If you feel that your business also reflects these same qualities – presenting yourself with a sense of humour, a commonsense, get it done, attitude and balancing all of that with an obvious sense of personal style then we’d love to have you on board.

Feel free to email us [email protected] in advance if you’d like to check that your company or blog is a good fit or if you have any questions regarding the advertising process.

Ready to begin?

Advertising here is easy. Just check out the prices and sizes below and click “Buy Now” to purchase, you will be asked to upload your image and link.

If spaces are filled, you can reserve a spot and your ad will automatically go up when space is available. If you are purchasing three consecutive months contact us for the promo code to get a discounted rate before checking out.

Five Advertising Options

Rule of Mum

$1000 - Enquire Now It may be that you have a specific set of key messages that you want to communicate to our Mums. Our Rule of Mum is the perfect opportunity to access our entire Mum readership.  To present a Rule of Mum you’ll need to reduce your message to 10 one line messages and 5 bullet points of handy hints.

  • Appears as a sponsored blog post and remains indefinitely on the Rule of Mum Page.
  • Is profiled on our Facebook page.
  • Sits as a downloadable PDF within our closed Mums Community at indefinitely.
Sponsor an individual post

$350 - Enquire Now Individual blog posts are posts viewed on their own by direct links or clicking links to a particular post. Individual posts are what we share on all of our social media profiles when a new post is up, and when others link to posts on our blog. Post will carry your logo.

Mums on Top Quarterly Newsletter

$300 - Enquire Now Our newsletter is sent to our online community four times a year.  It is the perfect chance for your message to land directly in the inbox of every member in our private online community.

Please Note:

The sponsor selection is at discretion of Mums on Top. When looking for sponsors we look for shops/blogs/products with similar aesthetics and audience. After your ad is placed, we will need to approve it, so have that in mind when attempting to buy an ad. We reserve the right to reject potential sponsors that do not match Mums on Top’s vision, are not family friendly or sell/advertise products or services that do not match our membership. Our information was last updated April 1st 2014