Mothers’ Day the MoT Way #nomotheralone

We’re seeking nominations for six unbelievably cool Mothers’ day gift packs that we’ve put together (with the support of some very generous NZ brands). Nominate someone doing it tough, your best friend, your sister, your own Mum, a new Mum or just someone you’ve noticed doing the best with what they have.

Enter as many times as you like by clicking on the link and leaving an individual nomination for each Mum in the comments. Entries close at midnight on Mothers’Day. If your nominated Mum wins then you’ll also receive a stunning gift pack chocker block full of goodies from Donovan’s Chocolates, Sweet as Popcorn, Collective Yoghurt, Nivea, Happy Moose, Proper Crisps, Harney and Sons and Mindfood.  Get entering!  #nomotheralone 




Tell 6 fabulous Mums how much you love them.

Enter Your Mum to win here

She’s a little hard to sum up, isn’t she?  Because she just means so much.  Your mum has been there through it all,  from the early morning feeds, to the late night talks, and everything in between. Tell us about your mum here

Enter a Mum that would do anything for her family

You know one of these mums, the ones giving it their all and who love nothing more than making memories with their family. This prize is for them to enjoy with their kids

Enter a Mum having a hard day here

Life keeps throwing you curve balls and no matter how hard you try to hurl those suckers back, they seem to be having a boomerang effect. Make someone’s day by entering them here.

Enter that Mum with the beautiful mind here

We know who you are. You do the right thing even when nobody is looking. To all the aunties/foster mums/step-mums/grand-mums/pseudo mums/dads who are mums – we see you. Nominate that special person here

Enter a new Mum here 

 It’s her first Mother’s Day.  Maybe she has a brand new wriggly little critter already – or perhaps she’s about to have one any second. Tell her what a great job she’s doing here.

Enter the Mum you wish was your own

We’ve all got one of those ladies in our life who we look at and think “Gee, I wish you were my mum”.  Nominate her here.



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