Day 1: Witching Hour Survival Kit

Pic Stitch The Witching Hour - final.

  Velour Hooded Robe // Nuzilla ABC Poster // Baby by Earthwise // eeBoo Circus Adventure Textless Book // Wallallure Midnight Butterflies Wall Stickers // Donovan’s Feijoa Milk Chocolate Bar

Only a parent knows the feeling in the pit of their stomach that comes with 4.30pm.  The time when kids must be fed, bathed and put to bed in a flurry of food smeared across faces, soap in their eyes and negotiation on just one more story.

Bring a little bit of sanity to your witching hour with these beautiful Earthwise Baby bubble bath, body wash and soap before you wrap your little person in their gorgeous Babu Bathrobe.  Once they’re in bed spray the room with Earthwise Baby Sleep Spray and let their eyes wander across a bedroom wall covered in butterflies from Wallallure and adorned with their own Nuzilla ABC Poster.

Leave them to drift off to sleep with their textless book of a Circus Adventures while you escape to the lounge and scoff a delicious King Size bar of Donovan’s Feijoa Chocolate.

Leave a comment below to enter – it’s that easy!

Entries to win The Witching Hour giveaway are now closed.  Thank you for taking the time to enter.

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137 Comments on "Day 1: Witching Hour Survival Kit"

  1. Erin Sawyer says:

    Yes please! Would love to have some help at this time!

  2. Jude Arbuthnot says:

    This would just be perfect after a day with my two monkeys!

  3. Angela S says:

    I need as much help as I can get haha. 5 yr old who is soooo tired after school, and a 6 month old baby who is tired and grumpy after daycare. Not to mention me after work! Perhaps I just need a miracle :P

  4. Chelsea McLachlan says:

    That all sounds amazing- for both my daughter and myself!

  5. Debbe Laurent says:

    OMG what beautiful products (only the best for the precious ones in our lives)

  6. Debbie Woodroofe says:

    I so could use this with four kids running around at this time and afterschool activities for the older two it is chaos.

  7. Sandra Davie says:

    this would be a godsend for ‘that’ time of day with my little miss troublesome sleeper when my baby arrives (hopefully) some time in the next week’n

  8. Sarah Lumsden says:

    Yes please :-) would be fab!

  9. PAIGE WALKER says:

    My best friend has just had her first baby, this would be such a cool welcome into the world prezzie.

  10. Rachel Henderson says:

    Yes please

  11. crystal says:

    ooh yes please!!

  12. Jill Dewes says:

    This sounds delightful for a mum in Canada who feels far from home sometimes – feijoa chocolate especially!

  13. Claire Birks says:

    sounds AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Kelly Maclarn says:

    AWESOME!!! Yes please… sounds lovely. Come to think of it, what am I doing for dinner??

  15. Vera champion says:

    This would be perfect for my friend with a newborn!

  16. Rachael says:

    Sounds wonderful for this mother of a toddler and soon to be newborn!

  17. Emma says:

    Wonderful idea – I’m in!

  18. Amy says:

    Amazing competition! Fingers crossed.

  19. Helen Shields says:

    Oh this sounds like blissssssss

  20. Rebekah Taylor says:

    What a great start to the silly season!

  21. Becs Barnett says:

    After a week of no sleep with 2 sick kids this would be too heavenly!

  22. Lisa van Klaveren says:

    What a lovely gift-pack! Thanks for the chance to win and good luck to all the mums who enter! :)

  23. Kate says:

    I’m in to win ;-)

  24. Kirsten Newton says:

    3 boys decorating the tree various super heroes dangling from pipecleaners.

  25. Kell says:

    The Witching Hour aka Arsenic Hour aka get The Wiggles on hour STAT! Still, what’s one or two hours of toddler/mummy tantrums compared to tens of hours of cuddles and cuteness? ;)

  26. PJ says:

    My family find it strange that I feed the kids at 4.30 in order to get everything done. They obviously don’t understand the chaos of children after a long day like you guys do!

  27. Kate Seamer says:

    I’m about to have #3 so anything that will help with the older 2 would be great :-)

  28. Di says:

    Mmmmm Feijoa chocolate – now that is worth getting through the day for :-)

  29. Nicola says:

    Brilliant, all I saw was fejoa chocolate… I’m in!

  30. Rebekah Fraser says:

    Count me in!

  31. Erin F says:

    What a cool idea! Would definitely help

  32. Angela Biggar says:

    What a gorgeous prize – what mother would want to do without it?

  33. Leanne says:

    Why not!

  34. Sammy Bovaird-Scott says:

    Anything that would help please

  35. Jan Jones says:

    Some fabulous tips for a Nan in waiting!

  36. Minna kete says:

    Would love this :)

  37. Mel Coventry says:

    If only witching hour only lasted an hour in our house! We could absolutely use one of these. Chocolate for mum while she hides in the cupboard!

  38. Jolie says:

    Oh yes please – exclamation mark

  39. Danielle Franklin says:

    Oh gosh yes ! I think we all need /deserve one of these! Definitely would help having this tonight! Haha! Good luck all!

  40. Linda says:

    Fantastic gift pack! After all the work, I think me and the little one deserves a treat!

  41. Emma Taylor says:

    Sounds like
    A good collection of give aways :)

  42. Elizabeth Gibson says:

    Sounds like a lovely package, would be awesome to have!

  43. Trudi says:

    This would be fantastic – this time of the day can be very stressful and frustrating so any assistance is greatly appreciated!

  44. Nan Armstrong says:

    Such a peaceful way to wind down the day, butterfly kisses and a book of adventures.

  45. Charmaine Willis-Croft says:

    Sounds amazing… all of it

  46. Claire L says:

    Sounds perfect! Love the idea of the textless book, sometimes you’re just too tired to actually read.

  47. Lucy Knight says:

    What a gorgeous collection of “necessities” with which to survive witching hour, brilliant!

  48. Jonny Bovaird says:

    YES PLEASE!!! My wife and i would love any help with our 2.5 darling energy balls

  49. Leticia Koschany says:

    I just need to survive tomorrow/ Baby steps …

  50. Miriam Makgill says:

    This looks amazing – fingers crossed!!

  51. Haidee Westwater says:

    I’m in!

  52. Rachel Myers says:

    Sounds like bliss! Pick me, pick me :-)

  53. Rae says:

    Oh yes please! :)

  54. Stephanie Carey says:

    What a beautiful way to end an exciting day

  55. Jo Steer says:

    Would love this to give to my friend who has just had twin boys. She needs it… double witching hour + a 3yr old

  56. Emily Lee says:

    sounds lush…..gorglush :)

  57. kate stokes says:

    awesome prize :)

  58. Stacey Donn says:

    With my third child due this Thursday I could do with all the help at witching hour. I remember only too well how hard that time can be.

  59. Jo Andrews says:

    Oh yes please.

  60. Katie Speedy says:

    My mother thinks we should bathe the children more regularly – maybe this will help….

  61. Ngaere Durie says:

    Lovely act of kindness. X

  62. Jackie B says:

    Would love to win this for my sister in law, she has had a trying time in and out hospital with the baby but is home now so this would be lovely for her.

  63. Fran says:

    What a perfect selection of products to cover that busiest time of day!

  64. Natalie Jones says:

    Help is always appreciated!

  65. Tracey Boyes says:

    That all sounds so familiar…Austin tries to wash his own hair these days and every day smears the shampoo into his eyes…anything that makes the bedtime routine easier gets the thumbs up from me everytime!!

  66. Simone says:

    Love love love! What a wonderful treat :)

  67. Kate says:

    Looks fab!

  68. Kristi says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for putting it together MOT :)

  69. Bekz Tschurtschenthaler says:

    garrrrr witching hour!!!

  70. Rochelle says:

    So need this. What a fabulous giveaway! :-)

  71. Joanne H says:

    I soooooooo need this!!! Fingers crossed :)

  72. Susan Stewart says:

    when I didn’t have children I always said I would never let TV be a babysitter – now, I know the cartoon sky channels off by heart, and what is on between 5.30pm and 6.30pm!!

  73. Melanie says:

    oh this would be fabulous!

  74. Andrea Little says:

    I know a house where this would be very welcome! :-)

  75. Catherine Hodgson says:

    Definitely needed, yes please!

  76. Kym Moncur says:

    Would love to win this, so handy for witching hour!

  77. Alison says:

    The whole body just melted at the thought! Definitely a need not just a want ;)

  78. Pippa B says:

    We call it arsenic hour in this house lol, Feijoa chocolate sounds devine :)

  79. Tori Hughes says:

    Sounds dreamy. Very cool gift idea.

  80. Robyn Woolliams says:

    Would love to win this. Thanks for the chance.

  81. Amy Cudby says:

    With a night like we have just had…. This would be fab!!

  82. Melissa S says:

    Would love to win this!

  83. Nicola says:

    My boys n I would love this (no share the chocolate!!)

  84. Nikki S says:

    I’m currently in the middle of witching hour. Negotiating with a 16 monther isn’t as fun as negotiating with a 16 month old bottle of wine or cheese

  85. Marji says:

    Oh what an awesome prize pack!

  86. Hannah Soto says:

    oh I would love this to help with my 2 and a half year old and 6 month old. What a perfect combination. Currently eating chocolate having finally got them both to sleep.

  87. Tina McKenzie says:

    It would be a treat! :-)

  88. Mel Archer says:

    What a fabulous prize, thank you for putting it together.

  89. Rhonwyn Newson says:

    People warn you about “the terrible twos” but the “trying threes” are way worse! I’m exhausted and a beautiful prize like that to treat my two little cherubs would cheer me up no end :)

  90. Renata Rossi says:

    yes please would love that! :D

  91. teresa kent says:

    Love this witching hour pack!

  92. Rachel wallis says:

    What a fabulous idea!! Fingers crosses now :)

  93. Emma says:

    This would be awesome!!:)

  94. Bridget Roper says:

    You had me at chocolate.

  95. Katy says:

    How lovely would that be!

  96. Shelley says:

    Definitely sounds like a little piece of heaven. Count me in please

  97. Ceara Prout says:

    Yes please!

  98. Heidi lawrence says:

    Oh wow yes please with my 5 that time of evening is pretty busy

  99. Elaine says:

    Awesome!! good luck everyone!

  100. Amanda says:

    Ohhh yesss please!

  101. Ashleigh Murray says:

    That sounds amazing!!! :D

  102. Danielle G says:

    Would love to be in the draw please! That pack looks perfect!

  103. Amanda says:

    Sounds amazeballs :)

  104. Shannon says:

    Ahhh such a fun time of day NOT – and why dose the telephone ALWAYS need to ring several times between 5 and 7?! argh

  105. Sharon Davey says:

    Yes please :-)

  106. Nikki W says:

    Ooh yes please1

  107. Emma K says:

    Sounds great for helping to get my 4 little monsters to bed each night :-) Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  108. Laura Miller says:

    That looks amazing!

  109. Malien de Vries says:

    Sounds like something we could do with! It’s not always easy with a 4 year old, 2 year old and a newborn!

  110. Amber says:

    Oh for help in any form at *that* time of day! (We also seem to have a minor version of it at lunchtime when we arrive home from the morning outing. Prime opportunity for the chocolate, I think!)

  111. Rebecca W says:

    Oh yes please, even at 6 and 2 years old the witching hour is a struggle!!

  112. Ange Beaumont says:

    Oh wow what an amazing prize!!!!

  113. Nina Bradley says:

    Yes please

  114. Charlotte says:

    I tend to add chocolate a little earlier in the piece. Tell me I’m not the only one who’s found little bits of melted chocolate on their baby…

  115. Rachael Kelly says:

    That bedtime routine sounds dreamy it nearly put me off to sleep :)

  116. JoCee says:

    Awesome prize, I like the chocolate bit at the end.

  117. Angela Pickering says:

    The main words I saw were “sanity” and “drift off to sleep” so thought this is one for me to enter.

  118. sarah spittal says:

    Looks like bliss to me!

  119. Josephine Holmes says:

    Gorgeous stuff! This would definitely help! :-)

  120. Mags says:

    Prizes sound great! Gotta be in to win!!

  121. Vanessa Fisher says:

    Oh YES!!!! Yes please!

  122. Alicia Necklen says:

    I love MoT! Thanks for all the amazing tips, stories, inspiration and of course, the competitions!

  123. Kristina says:

    Witching hour, ha! I have a witching life.. my 4 year old is currently nursing a gash to forehead, my three year old is calling out “Im finished” from the toilet and my 1 year is rolling around in cocoa pops on the ground (not sure how they got there) spare a thought for me ;-)

    (Sorry your site was frozen last night)

  124. Brenda says:

    With 3 kidlets under 4 – I need all the help I can get at bedtime! This prize would be perfect <3

  125. fiona boodee says:

    Oh wow what an amazing prize – I would love to win this please!

  126. Daryl Hobman says:

    Just what my Grandie needs for her 3 year old

  127. Julie King says:

    What an awesome prize this would be for the secret santa family sack we have going at work :) Good Luck everyone

  128. Tania Hitchcock says:

    This would be awesome!

  129. Emm Jackson says:

    This will be great. Just spend the last half hour trying to carefully take off the 15 or so bandaids my 3 year old put on her 10 month old sister

  130. Kylie says:

    oooh… pick me :)

  131. Amy McCallum says:

    Yes please!

  132. Tania Pearson says:

    survival = awesome

  133. Rachael says:

    Ohhh- lovely!!! Such a lovely wee pack to keep littlies entertained/happy during “that ” hour!

  134. Sarah Urlich says:

    Great looking pack! :-)

  135. kate bish says:

    witching hour=wine o’clock in our house

  136. Megan says:

    Yes please :-)

  137. Jannah says:

    Mums all time fav choc so I would win some brownie points there

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