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Five Little Monkeys Santa Sack // Pumpkin Patch $200 Voucher // Happy Little Poppets Range // Nuzilla ABC Poster

You know the moment I’m talking about. We all do.  It happens on Christmas Mornings, at large family celebrations, at Grandma’s house and always, always in any restaurant that even begins to call itself fancy. It is inevitable – you cannot stop it. It is the curse of all parents everywhere.

What happens is as follows.  You have dressed your child – in a special outfit, perhaps newly purchased.  Your child is undoubtedly cleaner than usual – hands are clean, hair is washed, brushed and all remnants of the mud bath they were in only a short time ago has vanished.  You have made it out the door and you are only 15 minutes late.  Every child within your grasp is under strict instructions to keep their outfit clean upon pain of death.

You breathe out and look around – you are the picture of motherhood perfection.

Then Grandpa gives them that too high, too tall, too slippery glass of raspberry fizzy and in one tip over the tablecloth and onto the carpet, the moment is gone.

Dream big anyway and get your cherubs ready for Christmas Day with this gorgeous pack of Happy Little Poppets bath and hair range. Dress them in the perfect outfits with this amazing $200 Voucher from the wonderful people at Pumpkin Patch. While you get ready, keep them occupied in front of a gorgeous ABC Poster from Nuzilla and waltz through the door at Grandmas with a Five Little Monkeys santa sack under your arm.  The rest is up to you…

This competition is now closed.  Thanks for taking the time to enter.

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One comment:

  1. Helen Shields

    December 5, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    This looks like an amazing prize!! Written perfectly because that’s how it always ends in our house eeeek


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