Mums on Top isn’t about where to find the perfect cup cake decorations or the list of 12 things you should be embroidering on to your child’s school bag to make sure they turn into child geniuses. We’re not an Ages and Stages Website constantly trying to make you insecure about what your child should or shouldn’t be doing at 13 and 3/4 months. Mums on Top is about the real stuff, the real stress, the real life of being a mum. Our Mums aren’t cookie cutter women with perfect hair, fabulous makeup and an outfit that looks like it cost more than your average week’s income.

Mums on Top is no one individual mum. Mums on Top is No Mother Alone.


No Mother Alone 

At MoT we are a blend of full blood, step, pseudo, aunty, full time, part time, joint custody, full custody, frazzled, organised, on top of it, drowning under it, confused, new New Zealander, born and raised kiwi, getting through the day, planning tomorrow, came to it late and started early motherhood. We like to think our MoT Team is a micro-cosm of the vibrant, influential, funny, intelligent, opinionated mums we represent. Mums on Top – 10,000 New Zealand Mums unwilling to fit the cookie cutter mould.

We want Mums on Top to be a community that is supportive of each other but also one that acts as a voice for the issues that New Zealand Mums face.

At Mums on Top we celebrate the similarity of the challenges we face of simply being a mum and find community in exploring the different ways we meet those challenges.
We express those opinions with humour and with passion.The more diverse our backgrounds are, the stronger we are.

Est. 2006 

Marilynn McLachlan started Mums on Top in 2006. She believed strongly in the freedom of women to choose how to parent their children and wanted to create a community of mums from across the spectrum.Her original purpose was to celebrate the diversity of being a mum, without judgement, as well as to provide inspiration, information and entertainment to NZ mums.

Marilynn went on to create the first online network of mums in New Zealand. For eight years they have supported each other through the ups and downs of their lives.

We acknowledge those first 1000 mums by way of a badge on their profile.



Meet  Our Team


Writer of Words, Thinker of Things, Funny.

Crystal is part of an incredibly close family located in cities all over the world. Married to Sam and mum to Preston (ridiculously adorable doesn’t even begin to describe this kid). She moved from juggling life as a Mum/Museum Curator to using her razor sharp wit whipping up our blog posts for MoT. Recently, she found herself at the centre of an international media frenzy when her son rode his balance bike into a tree (check that out here). But our favourite has to be when she wangled an invitation to the Royals’ function at Government House and after 4 hours social media silence, posted a facebook update that she had really hit it off with Kate and was now upstairs playing with George before he went to bed.



MOT Social Media Manager

Tina is our superhero, super crazy, super wonderful ‘how to live your life with a smile’ idol. Solo Mum to 3 under 5 (including twins), she balances a full time job with being our online community manager. Tina has recently found herself meeting the challenge of being a single mum with all the highs and lows that that brings – we think she’s doing a pretty spectacular job. We love her humour, her compassion and her late night pleas to the twitter community regarding DIY issues.



Owner, Organiser, Award Winner.

After receiving the class prize in Standard 2, ahead of T.R. Hancock, Kylie set her sights high and despite going on to receive both the chapel choir medal (rumoured to be for attendance) a career in musical theatre was not to be. An adolescence in Wanganui, with only her Yamaha Mint for transport, served her well and  she went on to a fine career in retail, teaching and child health.

It should also be noted that Kylie won the WB Poulson cup for Perseverance.

Kylie is married to the much taller Nick and has two real children and 43 “pseudo teenage sons” – students in the school boarding house they manage together as a family.





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