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What happens if I join the Mums on Top Community?
The Mums on Top Community is a private community of other Mums (and some Dads) just like you. There is a lot of conversation going on in there. It is totally private to the outside world but you can share things as you wish by starting or joining conversations in the community. Many mums find it helpful to share ideas or to get opinions from others over sometimes little (and sometimes really big) issues.
How does Mums on Top make money?
Mostly our money is made from advertisers. Mums are powerful people – often Mums control how and when family money is spent. Mums are often the ones making the big choices about what to eat, what to do in the holidays and how much to spend on clothes. Advertisers are interested in seeing what you think and why you think it.
Why does Mums on Top exist?
Marilynn McLachlan started Mums on Top as a space where women could share without feeling judged. Over the years both the membership and the ownership has changed but the Mums on Top conversations on facebook and in the Community continue to be some of the most active in the New Zealand Social Media landscape. Mums on Top wants to create a community supportive of each other but also one that acts as a voice for a wider group of mums too intimidated to speak up or share a comment online.
Can I post anything on Mums on Top facebook or community?
Over the years we’ve removed several comments for a range of different reasons. Mostly we want to keep the honesty of the members of the site out in the open. Mums on Top does not, however, condone racist language, religious intolerance or homophobic behaviour. If your comments breach these standards they will be removed.
Can I advertise on your site?
 If you think your company is the right fit with Mums on Top send us an email and we’ll send you our rate card.
Can I send you a free product?
Thanks – we do get some cool stuff in the mail (it is definitely one of the fun parts of this job). But please be assured, if you do decide to send us a product and we decide to write about it, we’ll definitely let our MoTs know we received a freebie.
What about a giveaway prize?
Now you’re talking – Mums love giveaways. If you think your product is the right fit with Mums on Top send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get on to organising something for our mums right away.
Can I repost your photos/articles on my blog?
Thank you – we’d be flattered. Please feel free to use any of the photos and text but don’t forget to put a link back to the original photos and the blog post on Mums on Top. This protects us both.
I’d like to submit a piece of writing for one of your regular features?
Fabulous. Email your submission to [email protected] – we’re happy to receive submissions for any of our regular features. Please put SUBMISSION in the subject heading. If we do choose to use your piece, we’ll definitely get in touch before it posts.


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