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Mums on Top is an online community of 6500 New Zealand Mums. Our aim for this community of very opinionated Mums is to be a voice for all flavours of Mums and families in New Zealand society. We want to do this with a blend of common sense, good humour and a strong dose of reality.

A new definition of the New Zealand Mum is rising, one that resists stereotypes and stands up to those that insist a ‘Mum’ or a ‘Family’ must be a certain way. Mums on Top celebrates these Mums and their definition of motherhood – whatever that may be – this is definitely no Ages and Stages website!

We’re friendly.

We’d love you to treat this community a bit like a private facebook – every member has a profile page, there are discussions and groups to share your thoughts, concerns, worries (and rants). On joining you’ll automatically be joined with a group that corresponds with the region you live in. Don’t be afraid to share your opinions, advice or your sense of humour. 

We’re lovely.

Please remember to be kind and be respectful – there are real people with real worries and feelings at the other end of these comments. It is the old saying – “Be Kind – For Everyone you meet is facing a hard battle” 

We’re interesting

 Mums on Top is no one individual mum. At MoT we are a blend of full blood, step, pseudo, aunty, full time, part time, joint custody, full custody, frazzled, organised, on top of it, drowning under it, confused, new New Zealander, born and raised kiwi, getting through the day, planning tomorrow, came to it late and started early motherhood.

What is this MoT thing? How did it start? What does it mean? How do I join? What will do with my information? Everyone has questions and we're here to answer them.

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