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Mums on Top isn’t about where to find the perfect cup cake decorations or the list of 12 things you should be embroidering on to your child’s school bag to make sure they turn into child geniuses.

At MoT we are a blend of full blood, step, pseudo, aunty, full time, part time, joint custody, full custody, frazzled, organised, on top of it, drowning under it, confused, new New Zealander, born and raised kiwi, getting through the day, planning tomorrow, came to it late and started early motherhood.

We know what Mums are thinking

We make it our business to know how New Zealand society treats their mums and to listen to what Mums are saying in their own communities.

We know how Mums see themselves and their place in NZ.

And we know how they feel.

We know that they want to be considered as women who have interests beyond parenting.  We know their thoughts and aspirations, we understand their sense of humour and we know what motivates them.

Brand cut through in what is a hugely cluttered space.

Mums on Top Mums are active and vocal in social media circles.  They play an active role in content creation in the social media spectrum and are key influencers in their community.  If you are deploying a campaign that involves a sensory experience of your brand, a product trial or you are aiming for a switch sell approach then our Mums are key influencers in the social media environment.

Our aim is for our community of very opinionated Mums to be a voice for all flavours of Mums and families in New Zealand society. We want to do this with a blend of common sense, good humour and a strong dose of reality.

We’re 10,000 Mums unwilling to fit the cookie cutter mould and we’re warning you – this is definitely no Ages and Stages website.

Ready to begin?

We’re happy to offer many different and affordable sponsorship options, so if If you feel that your business also reflects these same qualities – presenting yourself with a sense of humour, a commonsense, get it done, attitude and balancing all of that with an obvious sense of personal style then we’d love to have you on board.

Sponsorship is easy. Just check out the prices and sizes below and click “Add to Cart” to purchase, you will be asked to upload your image and link.

If spaces are filled, you can reserve a spot and your ad will automatically go up when space is available. Feel free to email us [email protected] in advance if you’d like to check that your brand is a good fit or if you have any questions regarding the advertising process.

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