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We love good coffee, our buggies have great brakes and we don’t own umbrellas

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365 days a year, no sick leave, no holidays – and then someone asks ’Are you working?’

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Working Mum

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Sick days, school holidays, childcare – only a working MoT knows how you feel.

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Waikato & BoP

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Our lives are a unique blend of small town, big city, country, sand and surf.

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Solo Mum

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It’s just you and your kids and you’re doing a bloody fabulous job.

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We’re a sunny jumble of innovation, creativity and eco-friendly living.

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Farming Mum

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We are nurses, preschool teachers, relief – milkers, cooks and accountants in all one.

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We’re MoTs in a community that has a strong history and world beating beaches.

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Starting a business is scary – share the fear and do it anyway.

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Mum on a Budget

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Families are expensive. Tips and tricks on how to make each dollar go further.

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Our kids are growing up in the biggest melting pot this country has.

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Being a Mum here is about a family life of icy winters and long summer evenings.

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