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  • @laura1 Hi Laura! Sorry it’s taken so long to reply! Emily and I are going well. She is an absolute monster. She’s up in the 91st percentile for length and weight. She was weighed on the 5th and she was 7.3kg.. she’s a big girl :)
    Im glad your birth was quite straight forward. Mine was a bit of a nightmare. I got induced on the 31st and everything…[Read more]

  • @laura1 Hey!! How was Christmas!!! Mine was full of drama! I was diagnosed with diabetes on the 24th and have been told today that Im being induced tomorrow!! AHHH SO EXCITED!!
    Hope you’ve been feeling happier with the season and have a great New Years if i dont get to the internet again before the 31st!!

  • @laura1 Australia? Are you going to look for work in the mines? I have a friend working over there at the moment and she’s told me they have some pretty funky tax/wage rules.
    I’m looking at studying supply chain management, but I’m still looking into it. I’ve never been to uni before so it’ll be a new experience!!

  • @laura1 The Waikato is awesome! I grew up in the South Waikato and most of my family is still there. My Partner and I have been talking about possibly moving to Taupo in a couple of years. I hope we do, it’s so beautiful down there and national park is just down the road.
    But! First the Air Force is going to put me through University :) Talk…[Read more]

  • Hello Mums!!!

    First of all I hope you’re all having fun ramping up for the holiday season and winding down from a crazy year! I know I am! :)

    I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this…

    I am currently 36 weeks pregnant, so my belly is definately out there now. With all of the Christmas parties going on at the moment, I’m…[Read more]

  • @laura1 Sorry for taking so long to reply, my internet has been playing up and I woke up to the delightful suprise of it working this morning. YAY!!
    I don’t mind being pregnant. I’ve only really started swelling in the last 2 weeks. I just keep getting upset because there’s all these Christmas functions going on and I can’t wear anything nice…[Read more]

  • @laura1 That just sucks! Are you guys staying down there for good or just the season? Still we haven’t got long to go know do we? :) YAY!!! I’ve been having fun with my swollen gorilla hands. I’m used to swollen legs so that doesn’t bother me so much but all my knuckle joints are so swollen I can’t open bottles or type that well.

  • @laura1 Oh thats no good! Harder how? If you don’t mind me asking of course..

  • @laura1 Oh I am sooooo looking forward to leave!! I work in quite a high stress job and there is no way I could keep it up for another month! I’m really looking forward to not having to wear a uniform everyday.

    I’ve been having fun walking too. It gets to the end of the day and I move like an old woman!!!

    How have you been handling the heat?…[Read more]

  • @laura1 I’m ok. Had to work a long day at work. I’m busy preeping for my last day on Friday. How about you?

  • @mummymcnaught Hey!!
    Thanks for your comment! I can totally agree, it is always a fear that goes through the back of your head!

  • Hi all you magical Mums and dandy Dads.

    I have recently discovered something that is not only dangerous to unborn babies, young children, new mothers and pregnant woman, but quite possibly fatal. It is something we need to change because it is easily avoidable. What I need is some advice on how we can change it.

    Right now the maternity…[Read more]

  • Hi Mummies!!

    I’m pregnant and looking forward to my 19 week scan this Friday. My partner and I are really excited and can’t wait to know if we are having a wee lad or lass.

    At work I’m one of at least 4 pregnant woman that I know of, but I’m the only one that wants to know the sex of my child in the making.

    It’s made me wonder, did you…[Read more]