Makes Mums Smile: Funky Elephant

owlpaint photoOpening the pack photoMiss 7 had been sent a Funky Elephant box –  a box full of children’s activities for 3 to 7 year olds and there were squeals of delight when she saw what her activities were.

The bits and pieces for this month’s art activity were wrapped in gorgeous orange paper which I must admit looked so lovely I was reluctant to let my daughter at it!

Inside she found 2 instruction cards, along with everything she would need to build her masterpiece – paint, glue, a very handy messy mat, jar, stickers, paper bag, glitter and other exciting bits and pieces.

After much deliberation she decided to make the owl first (which was proudly presented to her teacher the next day). I sat back and watched the whole thing happen & only had to step in when there was a wee accident with the glitter (I’m still vacuuming the silver sparkles out of the carpet!). Next up was a treasure box – painted and decorated to her own high standards, and finally a nature jar complete with lady birds on the top.

When I asked my daughter for her verdict I got the big thumbs up – she loved each of the activities, and was occupied for a good couple of hours. I was very happy not to have to rush out and grab the “extras” that so often are not included (glue, felts etc) and am now lucky enough to have my very own treasure box on my dressing table.

Some info about the Funky Trunk:

What is it?

The Funky Elephant trunk is a box full of children’s activities tailor-made for 3 to 7 year olds. This trunk is sent to your home based on the subscription you choose. Therefore, if you choose a 6 month subscription, your child will receive a Funky Elephant trunk every month, for six months in total.

What’s in the trunk?

A burst of excitement just waiting to get out! Most kids tear away the wrapping to get a quick peek. Each month there is a different theme and the trunk comes with fun and interesting projects, along with materials, detailed instructions and motivational ideas. It provides the perfect stimulant for a young mind to learn, explore and grow. Another hidden benefit is that it gives us parents a little breathing space!

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