CoupleThe idea of ‘dates’ is something that is more of an American concept – as New Zealanders we don’t have a long history of a ‘dating culture’.  Maybe that is why we have taken longer to come around to the idea of dating websites.

I do think however that the couples (and for all you singles out there the singles one is just as good) version of this website “How about we…” could really work in New Zealand. The website emails different ideas of good local dates to you every day.  You book the ones you like for you and your partner and (because you are a member) you get up to 75% off (which is awesome when you need to factor in funds for a babysitter).

Imagine – dinner at your favourite restaurant, a return trip to a favourite spot from your younger days, a rugby game, a wine tour even a foodie class. Good for the soul and good for your relationship there is nothing wrong with taking a break from the kids once in a while – even if it means you sit and talk about the kids….and what they are doing without you.

I love the idea, I love the fact you can suggest your own local dates (fish and chips on the beach at Raglan anyone?) and I think that a NZ based service like this could go off like a frog in a sock. Now all we need is for the lovely people at How About We? to go global or some genius Mum to get a similar business up and running.

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