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We are suckers for cool, quirky ways of capturing special memories here at Mums on Top.  (Remember when we told you about our love affair with Sticky9 magnets, the geeky coolness of Projecteo, and the genius of Blueprints?)  Our latest obsession are the ultra cute tiny books from the clever crew of Social Print Studio.

One of the MoT crew (who shall remain nameless) stayed up way past her bedtime the other night trawling through family photos.  Fast forward to 1am and an order had been sent off for, amongst other things, a set of tiny books.  Tiny books?  Yep, they’re pretty tiny.   At just 3.7cm x 4.4cm, the name is certainly fitting, but we love the quirky factor and all the possible uses.  One set equals 3 tiny books, each holding 24 photos.  You can choose just 24 photos and have 3 identical tiny books printed, or choose 72 pics for 3 individual books.  They come printed with a hardcover (bonus), and that cover just so happens to be magnetic (ahhh!) so you can stick them together, or to the fridge.

Just imagine how cool these would be as stocking stuffers, thank yous, birthday presents, or wedding favours!  Imagine a bowl full of them on the coffee table, or how perfect they would be filled with pics of your kids and then stowed away in grandma’s purse.  We think they are pretty fab, but then again we’re pretty enamored with a whole lot of the SPS products.

As for the 1am order, well we think that photo selection was pretty clever.  After going back through the photo archives our MoT filled 3 tiny pics with photos from her sons first, second, and third birthdays, and plans to pop them into his memory box.  (If nothing else, it will be tangible proof that she stayed up until 2am making birthday cakes!)

What’s your favourite way of getting photos off the computer in the digital age?  We would love to know of any great companies or products you recommend!

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