Mum Genius-ness: Bleep Bleeps

OK – so I think I get this.  Bleep Bleeps are described by their creators as little guys that help you get pregnant, give birth, look after your baby and raise your child. Each BleepBleeps character connects to the BleepBleeps app on your phone to give you simple guidance and content to make parenting easier.

Each character has a name and a story – take Tony Tempa (the thermometer) as an example:

Tony measures your body temperature by taking a reading from inside your ear. He instantly shows the results on his LED display and sends the reading to the BleepBleeps app on your phone for tracking and guidance.

  • In-ear temperature reading
  • LED display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Syncs over Bluetooth to your phone
  • Track temperature on the BleepBleeps app

It sound like the perfect set of solutions for all those little parenting problems that everyone knows exists but no one has ever quite managed to solve. Sign up for beta today.

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