Mum Genius-ness: T Shirts that are Racing Tracks and give massages. every parent that has ever sat on the lounge floor in a patch of morning sun wishing their little person hadn’t got them out of bed so early – this T-Shirt is for you.

Not only does it let the little person create a fast as racetrack on your back, it leaves you free to “actively” parent your kids while lying on your stomach on the floor of the lounge in that patch of oh so lovely and delicious warm morning sunshine. If this isn’t enough for you the wheels of each individual car have the potential to provide you with the most delicate of massages as the cars race around the track.

Given the assumption that a) you can keep your hair from getting oh so painfully caught in the wheels and b) the carpet is clean enough to mean your cheek isn’t sticking to it – this is a win win situation and clearly qualifies as Mum Genius-ness.

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  1. crystal says:

    love it!

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