Mum Reflections: Wooden Blocks

Neighbourhood Block Set from More & CoI have great photos of me as a kid playing with my set of plain coloured wooden blocks.  They came in a string bag, the type of bag that only 1978 can provide and I can still remember the sound of the blocks as they tumbled together out onto the floor.

Blocks are amazing really – a pre-cursor to lego they are just 6 or 7 shapes and yet they make a world, a city, a house, a neighbourhood, a piece of furniture – whatever those tiny minds can imagine.

I think my mum still has that set of coloured blocks – they’ve moved with us across oceans, from city to country and satisfied the children of friends, visitors and strangers who have ended up at our house over the years.

These blocks are a modern take on my old set and just as lovely – slightly more colourful, 15 house shaped blocks, made in Germany and coloured with watercolours.  I suppose these are the luxury version of my standard issue set but just the flash of the image across my computer screen tugs at the heart strings.


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