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Sometimes before you buy a new product, it’s nice to know what other people really think.  When the team from Health2000 kindly sent us two of their products to try, we knew the best thing to do was to get a couple of our MoTs to review them for you.  Thanks to Jen and Emma for sharing their thoughts!

First up, was the Dolphin Clinic Bath Oil – Lavendar and Ylang Ylang.  Health 2000 says it is and ideal oil for relaxing, which sounds great for the before bed baths.  Jen tried the oil with her 3 year old daughter, and found that she really liked the smell of it in her bath.  ” I was surprised by how nice it left her skin and have now used it myself in the bath and I probably get more benefit from the calming and relaxing aroma as well as how nice my skin feels afterwards from the carrier oils”.  Emma agreed with Jen that the product has a beautiful smell.  “The oil has a mix of lavender and yling ylang oils mixed with almond oil and it smells devine. It has a lasting scent, not just on baby, but also in the air which made our bathroom smell delicious”.  It wasn’t just the smell that was appreciated.  “Because of the use of the lavender, I do believe it helped our little one to settle to sleep a bit faster than normal.  It left our little mans skin incredibly soft, smooth and moisturised. He does tend to have some dry patches on his body but after using this in his bath there was no sign of them”.  However, Emma did note that the product left an oily ring and residue in the bath and on the bath toys, which needed a strong cleaning product to remove it.  And while the product moisturized well, it left a residue that transferred to the towel, change mat, etc.

Our MoTs were also able to try the Weleda Calendula Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, and gave great reviews.  Jen said “I used this product on my two girls who have just turned 1 and 3.  I found it great on my older girls hair – it was so soft and shiny after washing.  As a body wash it was gentle on my baby who has very sensitive skin.  I really liked the convenience of having one product for body and hair that I could use for both children”.  Emma similarly enjoyed the product.  “My husband and I have a bit of a soft spot for this product as it was the bodywash the midwife used for our baby’s very first bath in the birthing center. We both remember commenting on how lovely it was at the time but, as many new parents would understand, we had many gifted bottles of bodywash to go through and didn’t need to get any more. Fastforward a year and we had the opportunity to use this product again. It did not disappoint. We love everything about it. The smooth, creamy formula has a subtle but lovely scent and a little goes a long way. Our little man has infantile acne and his skin is easily irrated however he has not reacted in any way to this product. It leaves his hair beautifully soft and shiny and, as an added bonus, he loves playing with the bright yellow bottle in the bath and it keeps him still long enough to get him washed. We will continue to use this body wash for a long time to come and I would recommend this product for anyone to use”.

Thanks to Health 2000 for allowing our mums to try these new products!

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