We know you remember it.  Depending on how old you are your memory will be of Nomad Tags, Trek Tags, Petrol Station Smurfs, Yopi watches, Shrink-a-dinks, Snork Bubblegum Tattoos, Scratch and Sniff Stickers, Kinder Surprise Toys, Rubbers, Strawberry Shortcake Pals or All Black Cards.

We’re talking about the collectable obsession of your childhood (I find I am alone in the office in remembering the Snork bubblegum tattoos by the way).  You remember the way that school suddenly became all about play lunch and the hunt for the elusive Poppa Smurf or Nomad Tag?  And that sense of injustice when somebody scored the chocolate milkshake scratch and sniff sticker and all you were left with was the dumb-ass ‘daisies in a  summer meadow’ one (or am I getting too personal?)

Anyway… we’re here to give you advance warning of the latest playground obsession. Our good friends at The Collective are packing a cute as can be alphabet magnet into every pack of Berry, Banana and Strawberry Suckies from the 1st of February.

MoT loves The Collective and not just because they make Apple Crumble Yoghurt but because they are New Zealand made, independent, doing it for themselves, making it all in Avondale, funny, honest and full to the brim of integrity. They also employ a bunch of mums who are juggling the jiggle just like us – and we love that about them.

From tomorrow each pack will include one free ABC magnet – there are 26 different designs of magnet for each letter of the alphabet which we know your kids will love to collect. We’ll be supporting the 8 week programme through the duration and we hope that all you lovely MoTs will too. Look out for daily giveaways via their Facebook page.

Get it on your to do list today.

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