Put this on your to do list: Blueprints

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 3.49.19 PMEarlier in the year our family had the BEST holiday overseas.  It was awesome and one of the best bits was that we hooked up everyone’s phone, camera, iPad, iPod, iPhone (and all the other electronic paraphernalia no one seemed to need or have 4 years ago) to the same instagram account.  It was the best because everyone was in charge of taking their own photos and we ended up with a set of holiday photos form everyones perspective.

We were flabbergasted by the different perspectives all of us had on the same location.  Kids were able to get closer than adults because they were cuter but the adults were taller so they had a different angle.

Once we got home I did one of the cleverest things I have ever done and uploaded the lot to prinstagram.  In about ten days a beautifully wrapped package appeared on my doorstep.  It was all our instagram holiday snaps – beautifully printed on lovely stock in vibrant colours. The prints were beautiful – so beautiful that we picked the best lot and got them framed.

I tell you this story because now the clever people at prinstagram have invented Blueprints – which is the facebook version of the very same thing. So you can take all of those photos you’ve accumulated from your committed facebook relationships and print them as individual photos, in frames, as posters and in books.  Best of all even though we are in little old New Zealand they have flat rate international postage which means you don’t have to mortgage the house to get the photos here.

So get your photos of your facebook wall and put them on your real one.

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