My Family Food Bag – Review #1

Take one family of five, with three boys under five, and the thought of having your dinners planned and ingredients delivered is nothing short of heavenly. It truly was like Christmas had come again when the courier visited our home at 8pm on Sunday night – one of our ratbags was still awake and greeted him at the door, ‘Mummm there’s a man here with food for us!’ He proceeded to show the courier through to the kitchen where he picked out the baby carrots. ‘Oooooooh mum! Are these to feed to the horses? What are these green bits?’ Finally, cue mother-guilt. My four year old son had never seen a baby carrot with the ‘green bits’ still on. Bless. 
After trying to find places for all the delicious produce and fresh meat, I sat down with the menu cards and was rather sceptical. Salads, salads in wraps and salads in rice paper… are my kids just not going to eat for three nights?! Salads?! My kids don’t eat salad. Do yours?

Night #1 – Fish Tacos.
The kids got right into the preparation of this meal. They helped slice the avocado and mango for the salad and proceeded to construct their fish tacos with a dressing of their choice as directed by the recipe – tomato sauce. They are kiwi kids after all…

Night #2 – Mini Beef Sliders.
Deeeelish! That bread. I could eat that for dinner on its own. Nice job Paneton. We added A LOT of seasoning to the patties, but they were absolutely delicious. Dad wasn’t home for dinner so there were plenty of left overs – the kids enjoyed them the following night and mum enjoyed not having to do a thing but re-heat and re-plate!

Night #3 – Chicken Chop Salad.
Hmm. 300gms of chicken for five people? It was the best part of the meal and there quite simply wasn’t enough. The kids weren’t interested at all so I did the usual ‘If you don’t eat your dinner you can head off to bed hungry.’ Well they did, and they didn’t ask for anything else. Yikes. There’s a first time for everything right?

Night #4 – Goats cheese, broccoli and pea pasta.
I have to admit, the ‘optional’ ¼ glass of wine’ in the recipe stayed in my glass and out of the pan. I was probably more sceptical about this meal than any of the others. It just sounded plain. Cheese, broccoli, peas and pasta. Really?! No bacon, chicken, stock powder, nothing.
I will now eat my words, as well as the entire recipe of pasta. What a beautiful dish! I’d never eaten goat’s cheese before and I am absolutely in love. This was a hit with the kids too. Dad wasn’t home for dinner, thank goodness, and his share was quickly gobbled up. The broccoli was still fresh (it would usually have gone soft and droopy by now!) and there is still some of the pasta packet in the cupboard. Watch this space, I will attempt it again!

Night #5 – Lamb Rice Paper Rolls with Noodles
Hmm. This recipe said it was gluten free if you omitted the egg noodles… yet the rice paper was made with ½ rice and ½ wheat flour. We made a salad instead as Dad was home for dinner this night. The sauce was lovely – I made several batches and turned it into a dressing for our salad and it was just beautiful! I had egg noodles through my salad and the kids enjoyed sucking them up and flicking the dressing everywhere, the lamb was tender and pink (nice job on the cooking Dad!) and the meal went down a treat.

Fresh produce, beautiful meat, pre-determined recipes (open for substitutions and alterations) and the goods delivered to your door. What more could you ask for?! My family tried food they hadn’t had before, and things I wouldn’t have cooked so we are voting My Family Food Bag gets the thumbs up.

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