Put this on your to do list: Projecteo

http://www.getprojecteo.comIn another life I was an Art History Teacher.  One of the coolest bits of being an art history teacher (pre-internet and digital projectors) is that you got to have a classroom with a slide projector and hundreds and hundreds of slides.

Even for a generation who have only distant memories of slide shows from parents (or more likely grandparents) slide projectors are a hugely nostalgic thing.

But instagram isn’t – instagram is everywhere.  We have it, we use it, we share it and there seem to be a million ways to turn our instagrams into magnets, books, calendars, posters, framed artworks, stickers and movies. Projecteo combines the nostalgia of the slide projector with the access and availability of instagram.

Pick nine instagram images and Projecteo will develop them on to a single frame of 35mm slide film which is inserted into a small black wheel. They then send you the wheel and a teeny tiny miniature projector.

It is awesome AND it is miniature – that is all.


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