Put This on Your To Do List: Snapcat


Image-wise the internet excels in two main areas. One is pictures of cats and the other is the “selfie”.

Attempting to occupy the sacred intersection of these two circles on the internet image Venn diagram is Snapcat

While we’re all angsting about whether or not our tweens are sending inappropriate photos via the latest photo sharing app Snapchat, some clever cat (see what I did there?) has gone out and invented Snapcat.  Designed to capture a slightly different market from your average ‘tween pursing her lips at the screen in a pose she doesn’t quite know is “suggestive” yet’, Snapcat is an app that lets your cat take photos.

It works by simulating a laser pointer onscreen which gets the cat’s attention and encourages it to paw at the screen. The pawing triggers the camera and voila, cat selfie.

Available only for Android at this stage but with a browser version. Your cat will chase the fun icon and take selfies with the ease of his paw.  Add filters or stickers from Aviary and directly share the photos to your favorite social networks: EyeEm, Facebook and Twitter.

Snapcat is the very first social photo sharing app just for cats. Made by cats.

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