Real Live Mum: Jaquie Brown

Real Live Mum - Jaquie BrownWhat makes you a Mum? The fact that it’s taken me 11 days to read this email and have time to myself to sit down and reply. Oh and also that I grew two humans in my belly and now they live in my house.

Describe where you are right now.  Right now I’m on the couch with the laptop on my….lap and the E! channel playing in the background – it’s where I get all my current affairs and breaking news stories. I have just put both kids to bed. Read it, BOTH (Leo 3 and Ivy Belle 10 weeks)  on my own because my man lover (aka husband) is working late. First time this has happened, was terrified I’d not be able to manage it, managed it, feel invincible. 

Describe the last dream you remember having.  Honestly they have been nightmares. Nothing funny to report just pure awful nightmares about things happening to my kids. Not sure why my subconscious is churning out such gut wrenching horror when I’m trying to get my beauty sleep but there you have it. 

Use five words to describe your family.  Messy, amazing, loud, precious, adorable.

What is one thing nobody knows about you?  Nobody knows how much I love High School Musical 3. Except you. And anyone reading this. Damnit.

What is your most treasured item?  We have a chair and table set from the 70’s and of course any family photos or photos of me where I don’t have a double chin. (Quite rare).

When was the last time you broke a rule?  I often eat things past their best before date, I’m quite rebellious.

What is your best piece of advice? Everything is better with butter. It’s so profound and true, it really speaks to me on so many levels.

When was the last time you forgot something important?  Went to Waiheke Island for a day trip with Ivy and forgot nappies. Ug.

What’s your #1 go-to “I’m shattered and I have to feed people” meal solution? Chuck an entire chicken in the croc pot and ignore it all day. Steam cauliflower and puree with butter and salt and add veges. Boom. 

Five minutes ago I wasBecause this has taken me days to complete, I’m no longer on the couch, I was having a much needed nap.  Five minutes from now I will be…collecting Leo from daycare.



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