What makes you a Mum? Having three children that I would do almost anything for.
Describe where you are right now. Sitting at the computer desk in the living room whilst my husband plays Tomb Raider on the xbox and my youngest sleeps on the couch (too scared to move her).
Describe the last dream you remember having.  This morning, in fact. I can’t remember much of it, all I remember is punching a glass window, it breaking and cutting my hand. I woke up with my hand aching as if I had just done that in real life.
Use five words to describe your family. Crazy, Loud, Loving, Unique, Strong.
What is one thing nobody knows about you? I like to curl up in really tight places (like behind the couch, between it and the wall) when feeling miserable.
What is your most treasured item? Photographs of my kids, but my most important one is of my youngest when she was only a day old, showing her gorgeous cleft lip and no feeding tube (she got it in just half a day later).
When was the last time you broke a rule? 7 years ago.
What is your best piece of advice? There is no such thing as ‘normal’. 
When was the last time you forgot something important? Today. I forgot to pop my daughters spare feeding tube in the pram (in-case of emergency).
What’s your #1 go-to “I’m shattered and I have to feed people” meal solution? Toasted sandwiches for when it’s just us five. When we have guests… self-crusting quiche.
Five minutes ago I was writing out a review on KIWIreviews.co.nz. Five minutes from now I will be going to bed, taking my youngest down with me.
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