Sacha went through years of infertility heartache and pain before she became pregnant when she least expected it.  “We were at the point of giving up.  Our daughter Poppy is an absolute miracle baby – I  still can’t believe I am a Mum. It still blows my mind now and Poppy is nearly three”.  A former zoo keeper and science curator, Sacha is currently relishing her role as a mum, and also as a child based home carer.  Her latest challenge is training for her second marathon, and she is at 23 days chocolate free and counting!  (All power to you, Sach!)

We love the way Sacha captured what it means to her to be a mum, and think that her ‘pick n mix’ advice below is something worth remembering. Read on!

What makes you a Mum?  Being  a Mum makes me overwhelmingly the happiest and luckiest person on the planet. It still feels to good to be true! 

Being a Mum is about: being totally engaged in and cherishing the small moments.
It’s about stopping what you’re doing and taking part in the chaos. 
It’s about interrupting making dinner to build toilet roll towers.
It’s reading the same story 500 times
It’s making many stops on a L o n g holiday journey to check out the spring flowers, even though you’re tired from driving
It’s about the many interesting conversations about why the old lady in the supermarket had hair on her face, or pointing out the obvious differences between boys and girls in front of people, and the lengthy chats with anything to do with eggs.
It’s about being a passenger on a chair bus, or playing hide and seek even though they tell you where they hide every time.
It’s singing songs to make the wees and poos come.
It’s helping play nurse to the dead moths and making beds for them. 
It’s going for walks and sharing in the absolute fascination with everything that comes their way – leaves, twigs, rubbish smoke buts, dead bugs, large trees everything. 
It’s loving these moments and many more like them that makes me a Mum.


Describe where you are right now: Standing in the kitchen, cooking dinner, and unpacking the groceries. I’m also supervising Poppy who is supposed to be helping put toilet rolls in a basket but is instead building toilet roll towers. I can hear her counting each roll as she adds it and laughing when the tower collapses!

Describe the last dream you remember having: We have a whole lot of friends arriving this weekend to go mountain bike riding/ trail running. I keep dreaming about the trails I will take them on. Oh and boring things, like the list of things I need to get done before they arrive.

Use five words to describe your family: Fun, loving, nutty, laugh, busy.

What is one thing nobody knows about you?  I write a diary. Not everyday, sometimes weeks goes by, but I have boxes of pretty journals filled with lots of random stuff. It started as a way to deal with all the infertility stuff, but now it is more random.  At the moment I seem to write about training for my upcoming marathon and going 23 days without chocolate……..and the 2.5 kgs I’ve lost since.

What is your most treasured item?  I have a box of things that I have collected for Poppy, it contains photos, items of clothing, video clips on memory sticks, hospital name tag, art work etc – all sentimental stuff

When was the last time you broke a rule?  Today. Parked in a loading zone for ten mins so I could nip into the shop to get milk. 

What is your best piece of advice?  Ditch trying to keep the house perfect, it’s not important stuff.  When it comes to raising a family – do it your way. Friends and family will give all kinds of advice – treat their advice like a bag of pick n mix lollies, just pick the bits that appeal the most to you and leave the bits you don’t like.

When was the last time you forgot something important?  Wedding anniversary, but to be fair, my husband and I both forgot. It was only when Mum reminded me that we remembered. 

What’s your #1 go-to “I’m shattered and I have to feed people” meal solution? Basil pesto from freezer + fresh pasta + chicken + broccoli + spinach + toasted walnuts or pine nuts. Green salad. Apple and berry crumble or baked slice.

Five minutes ago I was …Chopping onions, and putting groceries away.

Five minutes from now I will be….Cooking pasta, building a toilet roll tower.


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