Real Live Mum: Sarah

Real Live Mum: JessicaWhat makes you a Mum?  Being a Mum makes me a better person. Selfless – the kids always come first. Compassionate – after having babies I now care about everything! Saving the world one heartache at a time because i cannot bear for my children to experience such suffering. Organised – 5 years ago my former self would not believe how clean, sorted and on time I am now! Which is just a necessity of having two preschoolers and running a business I guess.

Describe where you are right now.  Sitting at my kitchen counter – Hubby making dinner and kids playing with our visitors Nana and Great Nana! But whats more interesting is that I’m doing this all in our new found town of Taupo. Growing up a bit of a city slicker I never imagined living rural in a small town but I couldn’t be happier.

Describe the last dream you remember having.  I have the most bizarre dreams that are always so vivid when I wake up but at 5pm in the arvo I cant remember them at all.

Use five words to describe your family.  Close, Fun, Adventurous, Musical, Loud.

What is one thing nobody knows about you?  Not a secret but also not common knowledge – I spent 3 of my teenage years being an Air Cadet, shiny shoes, uniform, salutes and all!

 What is your most treasured item?  I’m not a terribly sentimental person but my most treasured items would be my wedding rings, not only are they the most expensive thing i own but I love them in every way and feel naked without them.

When was the last time you broke a rule?  I like to think of myself as a bit of a rebel but this is a super hard question! Although this morning I did drive past one of those signs that tell you your speed and I was going 62 eeekkk *slaps hand*

What is your best piece of advice?  Negativity is such a wasted emotion, you can choose to be happy. Happiness comes from within, no outside source can do it for us. Once you can find inner peace with the world everything in life is a little easier.

When was the last time you forgot something important?  I went away, out of cell reception for a couple kid free days and accidentally forgot it was that time of the month and forgot to pay the bills whoops!!

What’s your #1 go-to “I’m shattered and I have to feed people” meal solution?  I am lucky enough not to be the main chef in our house! However our go to feed people dinner is steak and chips or if it’s particularly late and the kids are starving I’ll admit we always have Watties Hearty Ravioli and Beef in a can for emergencies – was reviewed in the herald as a pretty healthy dinner as far as canned food goes :P

Five minutes ago I was Busy at my work at home business cutting gorgeous vintage vests for our Millie+Boo market this weekend ;)  Five minutes from now it will be a big family dinner time.


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