Rule of Mum: Jiggling the Juggle

SurvivalWe know – and you know – what an exhausting nightmare it can be trying to balance work and family. We recently asked our MoTs for advice on Facebook as to how to best manage this day-to-day juggle.  Here are some great tips  (from those who know best) on how to preserve some sanity:

  • Hire a cleaner
  • Use the dryer (shock horror)
  • Plan meals – boring we know, but worth the effort
  • Get up half an hour earlier (have an extra coffee), you’ll be amazed how much you can get done before the kids are up
  • Use online grocery shopping
  • Do washing daily so you don’t have Mount Washmore at the end of the week
  • Cook more than you need and freeze the extra meals
  • Pay a student to help look after kids after school
  • Use a slow cooker (put it in the garage if you don’t like the smell of food cooking)
  • Give yourself a break – you’re doing a fabulous job
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