Rule of Mum: Top Tips from Rainbow Springs

SurvivalTips for enjoying Rainbow Springs:

  • Check out the ‘What’s On’ guide when you arrive – there is an interactive encounter programme that is designed to delight and entertain the kids – but shhh, don’t tell them they may learn something too!
  • Pick up a bag of fish food at reception –  it doesn’t smell very good, but the fish love it!  It’s like lollies for them – and the kids will love watching them go crazy for every pellet. Just make sure you save some for the underwater viewer.
  • Arrive in time for the Bird Show – it starts promptly at 11.30am, so jump in line from 11.20am.  During the holidays, there is a second show at 2.30pm too.  Watch the kids be amazed at the colourful parrots’ antics as they fly right over your heads. (just make sure if you look up, you keep your mouth closed!)
  • Grab an activity sheet at reception – goes without saying, that the kids will love to fill out the activity sheets, or even complete the colouring-in pictures as they roam through the park or sit and eat their lunch.
  • Play a game of ‘who is the quietest’ as you wander through the kiwi nocturnal house – Kiwi don’t like much noise, so it’s really important that you stay quiet as you roam through the darkened nocturnal house – let your eyes adjust to the dark and spot a kiwi as they forage for food and play in their enclosures.
  • Ride The Big Splash – it’s the new $10million development, and it’s built just for the kids (and big kids).  Take a 9minute ride through time as you hear about the ecological evolution of New Zealand.   There is a dinosaur, moa, haast eagle and see if you can spot the pesky rat – all before you hold on tight and scream as you plunge to the bottom of the Big Splash chute.
  • Grab a break – this one is for the parents – let the kids loose in the playground, and take a well-earned break in the Wairere Café.  Superb hot espresso coffee,  a range of cakes, slices and sandwiches as well as cold drinks and ice creams will satisfy any appetite.  It’s licensed too so you can even enjoy a cold beer or wine.
  • Come back at night – yes, your ticket is valid for re-entry on the same day and it really is quite special seeing a kiwi under the stars with no glass!  It’s all possible at Rainbow Springs – the kiwi come out just after dark so swing by just before bedtime to take a look.
  • Play I-Spy – so many native plants and animals to spot in the park, both in the enclosures and wild birds that just like to live in the park.  Count how many juvenile tuatara you can see, or how many banded rail are stalking the back of their enclosure – all in a day’s fun.
  • Book online – the BEST way to survive Rainbow Springs these holidays is to book online – all family bookings receive TWO free Jack the Trout soft toys, one each for the kids, so not only do they get to enjoy an awesome day in the park, they have new toys to take home too!Rainbow-Springs-Logo


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