Bissell AirramOh! The excitement when I opened my new Bissell Air Ram vacuum! It is very simple to put together and as soon as I had charged the battery we were ready to go. The battery takes around 4 hours to charge from empty and gives you approximately half an hour worth of power. However my home only takes around 15 minutes to whip around and the battery holds its power really well. So I have found that I am getting 3 vacuuming sessions on one charge.
The handle is excellent and makes the Air Ram very easy to maneuver. The amount of swivel in the head ensures that you can glide around table legs and under the couch without much effort at all. Sometimes when you watch the advertising for products like this you see how easily the actor sashays around looking like she is totally enjoying a household chore…..with the Air Ram I actually felt like that actor. Some of the wondrous and plentiful things that we managed to inhale with this vacuum were crushed Pringles from both wooden floorboards and a childs playmat; popcorn, sand!!! (I know! Sand right out of the cracks in the floorboards!); and it passed the all important ‘removal of glitter from car mats’ test – many thanks to my friend who sent a parcel filled with glitter and sequins for my daughter and I, without thinking, allowed it to be opened in the car!).
Because the Air Ram is really light-weight it is easy to carry down stairs and easy to take outside to do the aforementioned car mats. It is totally cord-free so you can take it anywhere. This has been great to pop out to the sleepout/mancave to do the carpet without having to drag extension cords out!
One small point that is never mentioned in the advertising for the Air Ram is the noise…….and there is a reason for that. This is not a quiet whip round with the vacuum while the baby is sleeping kind of machine. The sound of this appliance will wake the dead (well maybe not the dead – but it will wake the baby and it will make the 2 year old scream and lock herself in her bedroom). I have a friend who sometimes turns her vacuum on under her baby’s cot to use as white noise – her vacuum is not the Air Ram obviously, because if it was, the baby might have some hearing issues and is likely to be sucked right out of the cot! (metaphorically of course). The noise is a small price to pay for such good suction. It also is a good excuse to put your feet up while baby is asleep and save the chores for later.
Overall, I totally love my Bissell Air Ram and would highly recommend it. Especially to mums who have different surfaces to deal with like wooden floors and carpet; stairs or rooms that are hard to access with a corded vacuum or people with back problems as you can stay upright the entire time and use only one hand to do the whole house. My nana would have loved this futuristic carpet sweeper!

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