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Put this on your to do list # 8

I have recently started reading this blog written by a man surprised by  fatherhood and the challenges it has given him.   He has a   page where he has photographed the images or quotes that he has drawn on each of his kid’s lunch boxes every day is pretty cool.

It all started back when he was a child and his mother used to draw on his brown paper bag each day.  He enjoyed it so much that he decided to continue the tradition with his own kids. Everything from monsters, to start wars and inspirational quotes – this Dad does them all. It looks like his kids love them too.

A new family tradition to start maybe?

Put on your to do list #4: Giant Newspaper


Meet Cheri, a mother of 2 young boys.  She makes cool things for them, like this life size front page of a newspaper – way cool.

She also has a blog with the coolest name – “I am momma – hear me roar”.