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Found this fabulous website for the little (and not so little) ones for Christmas.

We tried it out on Mr 4 who was hypnotised, spoke to Santa and is now too scared to watch it again in case he ends up on the ‘bad list’.

With just a few clicks, this technological marvel will let your loved ones receive a personal message from Santa Claus, sent directly from his village in the North Pole. Rediscover Christmas with this immersive and unique experience that brings the holiday magic back to life.

Mum Cool: Keep it Simple

Sometimes the easiest ideas are the best ideas. This is especially true at the holidays, when both our cup and our schedules runneth over…

This idea is so simple even the busiest & uncreative person (ie me!) can pull it off.

Paint chips as gift tags. Whip in to the local paint store and grab a few. White or brown paper (nice and cheap) and voila – you’re done.