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Rule of Mum: Facebook Ground Rules for Parents and Kids

SurvivalHints for kids:
  1. Make sure your parents always know your Facebook password
  2. Agree that your parents must be your “full-access” Facebook friends
  3. Think about every thing you post online because there are others are watching
  4. Only accept friend requests from real people who are really known
  5. Always keep personal information private
  6. If in doubt, ask parents for help
  7. Allow “spot” checks of the facebook feed
  8. If you  feel uncomfortable at any time, log out
  9. Don’t tell anyone else (except for your parents!) your password.
  10. Make sure that only your friends are able to see your photos

Hints for parents:

  • Be active on Facebook
  • Don’t parent kids on Facebook
  • Give kids their space
  • Set a Facebook curfew
  • Spot-check their Wall, Friends, Likes and Inbox
  • Agree that you have the final say
  • Talk offline about online experiences