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Mother Knows: Pink October


Our Women is a breast cancer awareness project.  Hopefully we all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month!

A timely reminder for us all to make sure our girly bits are all ok.





Eat your Veges: Feel Inside (and stuff like that)

This is absolutely brilliant! Watch and listen carefully to what the kids say…the song that follows is made up entirely of their comments…tissues for tears, mainly of laughter but also for the preciousness of it all.

Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement interviewed a group of 5-year-olds and 6-year-olds at Clyde Quay School in Mount Victoria about where money comes from and how to make sick children better. The responses were then used in the  song for Cure Kids, Feel Inside (and Stuff Like That).

A new Kiwi classic.

Eat your Veges: Stop with the energy drinks

Recent findings by the Ministry of Health recommend that young people aged between 2 and 18 should not be drinking the ever so popular energy drinks.  I have to say that I agree. I had a very interesting conversation with a nutritionist last week, he used to be the micro biologist for a big brand drink label and I was horrified to hear about the amount of sugar in these drinks.

Surely you only need to look at the dental statistics of our under 5s to see that New Zealand has a problem?

Eat your veges: Financial Literacy


I’m the first to admit that I’ve struggled with my kids to make sure that they are “financially literate”.  I wish that I had been more aware of some of the tricks to help me as a parent when it came to educating children about money.

Fear not MoTers as I have found this handy guide that tells you what children should be thinking about (money wise) at each different age.  Click through to see what simple, yet key messages you can be giving to your child.



Eat your veges: Kids Online


When it comes to teaching kids morals, nobody has has ever done it with such subtlety and imagination as Dr. Seuss. Ever since the 1950′s, his books have been teaching kids valuable lessons, everything from  the importance of environmental awareness (The Lorax) to why racism is stupid (The Sneetches).

Lucky for us, Seuss’s teachings have come to the web, with a wonderfully interactive site for kids to explore. Links to videos, games, and Dr Seuss’ classic books, this is one of the better sites we have found for younger children.