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Mum Genius-ness: Beanie Beards

The ultimate  kids beanie & beard hat – who wouldn’t want one of these?  Check out the etsy store to order your bearded beanie for next winter (don’t let anyone tell you that there is something wrong with being super organised for next winter!)

Mum Cool: Simplijesse

I’ve had these hand-crafted dolls on my purchase list for a wee while  now. I love their ruby-red circle cheeks, wavy hair and graphic simplicity, as well as the raw, vintage quality of each individual doll.

Each one comes with it’s own wee story – this one for example is Sera, the performer.  Sera grew up in a circus family, her mother was a trapeze artist and her father was a ring leader. Sera has 4 brothers, 2 sisters, a dog named Fuzz and a horse named Coy. Her talent is singing, and she loves singing her brothers and sisters to sleep each night.

Mum Cool: Who’s Your Daddy Soft Toy

If you’re looking for a special present for your little person then we think these “Who’s Your Daddy” soft toys are just awesome.  You specify the eye, hair and skin color.  You also choose the face style and the outfit (including accessories such as glasses).  Your Daddy is then whipped up for you by the lovely Etsy Store DukeandJune.

He is made of canvas, cotton and felt and stuffed with a washable non-allergenic fiberfill. His hair is sewn on by hand and eyes are hand embroidered.  Whether this be for a dad, a step dad, a gran dad or even a favorite male story book character we think it is just gorgeous.  As always – conceived and made by a team of mums.

Mum Cool: Adventure Stamping


If you’re reading Mums on Top on a regular basis then you are undoubtedly the type of Mum that needs this too beautiful for words rubber stamp immediately.  ”Ready for Adventure” is the stamp of choice for all Mums out there who need to add a bit of retro zest for life zing to their day.

To make this stamp easy to find we’ve pressed the heart button for this item in our Etsy store so you can find it amongst our favorites.