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Put this on your to do list #11

This video reminds me of one of my all time favorite music videos – MJ’s Black & White.

Ulric Collette from Quebec has created a project exploring genetic similarities between members of the same family. By splitting their faces in half and then melding them together, he creates some interesting images.

Maybe you could make this your family quest this Christmas?


Smile: Time to brag


This is such a great way to record your child’s achievements during the year. I love the way it can be personalised byt simply dropping the information you want to brag about into a template, push a button and it is done.

My kind of craft!




Mum Genius-ness: Family Reunion T Shirts

OK.  This idea can only have come from a Mum. Why?  Because it is pure unadulterated Mum Genius-ness – that’s why.  Angela Hardison – founder of  kinshirts says of her stunning little business:

“Finally, the concept of cool family reunion shirts is no longer an oxymoron. We love the idea of commemorating an event with t-shirts. We also love the idea of good design. Kin provides you with both: commemorative t-shirts and a design that you’ll actually want to keep wearing after the reunion is over.”

The best bit about these is that the file is emailed to you electronically and you do the sourcing for the printing.  Brilliant design + accessibility.  I can see this working for a whole lot more than your bulk standard family reunion…

Mum Genius-ness: Family Portraits

In Singapore, it is a common practice for entire families to gather on special occasions for a formal picture, often at a studio, with the resulting image framed and prominently displayed at home. The growing tendency of younger family members to take jobs abroad, however, has left many modern portraits missing a relation or two.

So the Singaporean photographer John Clang devised a solution, piggybacking on the video-calling technology that already helps ease the dislocation of separated family members: Skype.