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Mum Genius-ness: Ways to try different foods


How does this sound for a family challenge?  Over the course of a weekend, week, month (you set the time frame) the family has to try  a variety of foods – one for each letter of the alphabet.  Imagine the dicusssions and cool experiences the family could have….and you can guarantee that you can slide a few veges on the list!

A Mum Did This #1: Hand over a Hundy

Hand Over a Hundy is a one year challenge to young families to learn to grow and produce their own vegetable gardens.

Families are sponsored a “handy” (or $100) to buy all the essentials for their gardens.  Their challenge is not only to learn the art of gardening but to produce more than they need. They must sell a hundy dollars worth of their produce and pass that on to the next family at the end of the year.

Here’s the tricky part … All the families are new to the gardening game, have tried and failed before or are too scared to even give it a go on their own.

When Jade Temepara established the project two years ago, she wanted to help people who knew nothing about growing their own food, to gain the skills to take the first steps towards self sufficiency.  She recruited 10 gardening novices, matched them with mentors, begged, borrowed and fundraised to ensure she had the cash needed to give each a $100 start.  Hand Over a Hundy was born.

At Mums on Top we think this project is simply incredible. We want to take our hats off to Jade and her team and wish them all the best for what is an incredible project…