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A Mum Did This: Making Grandma’s Secret Recipe into Ice Cream

I once had a flatmate who claimed that his mother was responsible for inventing the lemon and honey drink.  He was absolutely shocked and horrified to discover that even though we had never met his mum we too had heard of his mother’s secret recipe for combining lemon, honey and ginger to soothe the aches and pains that come with the flu.

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Such is the adoration of a son for his mother we suppose.

I imagine that old flatmate of mine will be appalled to know that it now appears that Jeni of Jeni’s Ice Creams in Ohio has also heard of the magic of combining those ingredients.  She uses a combo of her mother’s and her grandmother’s recipe which blends cayenne pepper, ginger, maker’s Mark Bourbon, honey, orange and lemon juices.

But Jeni is a genius because Jeni has taken the “hot” toddy and made it into a sorbet.  I can’t believe that nobody has thought of it before because it is so…damn…perfect.

As an aside – if we lived in the USA – anywhere in the USA we could have these delivered to us.  What an age we live in where you can get ice cream delivered to your door.  Crazy talk.

Mum Cool: DIY Ice Cream Parlour

While searching for possible ideas for an upcoming event, I found this DIY ice cream parlour idea.  Even the quiet members of the group will want to join in this activity – who wouldn’t?