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Mum Cool: You are my sunshine

Found this cool Australian site, which has oodles of gorgeous bits and pieces on it.

These signs took my fancy – you’d  have to do a bit explaining about the idea behind the 1939 song….but wouldn’t they look great on a white wall?

Reflect: Spending Over Christmas

As we prepare for Christmas I’m have faced what is inevitably many parents’ dilemma come this time of year: how much should we spend on our kid’s Christmas presents? Do you buy one larger gift, or a couple of smaller items? How do you ensure that the present giving is “equal”?

My husband, who loves shopping and gift-giving for any and every occasion, is married to his equal, and this always ends up costing a fortune. As the kids have gotten older their expectations have increased  (not necessarily with the relevant increase in wages to cover these expectations).  Is it as simple as managing these expectations?

We are sure that there are some really practical and simple ways that parents manage this time of year, and we’d love to hear them. Let us know!