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Real Live Mums #1 – Meena Mothers of Rajasthan

The book ‘Nurturing Walls’ focuses on the favourite Meena theme of animals and their young, featuring a striking collection of living art from the walls of Meena tribal homes in Rajasthan, known as Mandana.

Mandana motifs are inseparable from everyday life as women paint the mud walls and floors of their homes regularly, keeping time with recurring festivals and changing seasons. Mothers teach their daughters how to paint, and this tradition has been passed along generation after generation.

“Through all this, the artists know that the images will not last, and that everyday use and wind and weather will fade away the most beautiful and laborious work. Yet the outpourings continue, and it is like an awareness of a full life in the face of mortality.” The lives of the artists behind this little known art is just as fascinating, and full colour inserts capture this richness, making the form of this book as unusual as the art it recreates.

This book does an incredible job of documenting the artwork – covering surfaces of all kinds, both finished and in progress. But the best part is that between these pages there are textured brown craft paper pages where actual Meena designs have been silkscreened in white recreating the feel of mud walls.

The book is exciting and the theme as relevant as ever – an art passed on from Mother to Daughter.  A Mum definitely did this.