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A Mum Did This #4: Eardrop’s Journeys

We met Liz recently via another project and her passion for her kids and for motherhood in general was immediately obvious.  Many of the projects we work on focus on helping children and their families to access good, high quality, no fuss resources that work.

Liz has combined her work ethic, mum know how and problem solving skills to come up with a unique and clever resource for parents. There are 30 sounds on each Eardrops CD. Listeners are gently guided through each story – the pace is appropriate for preschoolers and older children who may be experiencing language delays. Children experience language delays for many reasons, including glue ear, hearing impairment, or learning English as a second language.

This is her story in her own words…

Eardrop’s Journeys took me over three years to create. It was one of those ideas that just wouldn’t go away. Once I’d made up my mind to do it, I worked on it every night after my young son Tommy fell asleep. Like so many other single parents out there, I worked pretty much fulltime to bring in an income to run my house and raise my son. Challenging and exhausting – but in the end worth it.

The concept popped into my head one day while I was stuck in traffic. Tommy was suffering from terrible glue ear at the time. Despite some associated hearing loss, he kept asking me to make the noises of some of the animals he had in his book. I was doing a particularly enthusiastic monkey impression and happened to glance out the window only to find lots of people were listening to me, not just my son! I was grateful when the traffic started moving – but it got me thinking.

Why were there no CDs full of real world sounds for preschoolers? Not only would my child love something that played the sounds his favourite animals made; it would help him clarify these sounds and learn specific ones when they were separated out from the rest of the background mix (animals, the construction site, the hum of the city). I knew other parents would probably appreciate this resource too – especially if it was New Zealand sounds and accents for our kids.

So I started the research. After six months I knew there really was nothing like this on the market – despite the many great children’s products available these days. There were none that had auditory learning as their foundation – even though auditory learning is one of our main avenues to take in information.

Listening is an essential life skill, and having the ability to listen effectively prepares a person for kindergarten and the school classroom – not to mention a lifetime of better communication, understanding and relationships.

We did Sounds of the Country first. My sound engineer and I travelled to a farm in Northland and spent many hours trying to get close enough to cows, sheep, hens, goats, horses, birds, dogs, cats, ducks, frogs, and anything else we could find that was making noise. Similarly with Sounds of the City we wandered up and down Queen St in Auckland until our feet were dropping off.

The journey continues, and the positive energy continues to grow as more people discover the CDs. I have become aware of a ‘parenthood’ network – where parents write to me telling me where they think I should journey Eardrop to next.”

A Mum Did This: Mouse House

We love to read about Kiwi Mums doing cool things, so were pretty excited to have heard about a genius mum of 3, Megan, who lives in Mt Maunganui.

 In 2009 Megan used a sewing machine for the first time – but you’d think she has been doing her thing for much, much longer – she is busy  creating gorgeous bits and pieces for mums, dads and kids alike.
In her spare time Megan blogs about all sorts of things – with my favourite being the “baking” section and the  gorgeous button biscuits that I’m off to try to make this weekend.