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Mum Geniusness: Kids Go Mobile Common Sense #1

Old fashioned Social MediaOur friends at KidsGoMobile have chosen some of the hottest apps your kids are downloading right now.  Take at look at their common sense, no drama summary of the pros and cons of Snapchat, Instagram and Kik.


Summary: Snapchat is a fast way to share a moment with friends through video and photos. The sender will take a photo and select a short time to show the image (up to 10 seconds) before sending it to a friend or multiple friends. The image will then appear on the recipient’s phone for the selected time only and then self destruct.

Pro: A fun way to engage with friends when the content is appropriate. Snapchat will let a user know  if the receiver has taken a screen capture of your image.

Con: The app can access your photos, images can be screen captured and kept forever. This leaves room for inappropriate images to be circulated on the internet.


Summary: There are over 130 million users on Instagram. Instagram is a simple way to capture and share photos and videos with others and allows for several filter effects. Your feed updates to show new photos from friends and people around the world. Continue reading →