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Mum Thinking: Oh Joy – Make Someone Happy #5


We’ve featured these before on Mums on Top.  Joy Cho is an American based graphic designer, entrepreneur, genius and all round style guru.

We follow her on pinterest and are addicted to her blog. Her series on making others happy is pure genius and her tips often come with unique twists or sweet little templates like the one for this very sweet Make Someone Happy Letter.  I love using ‘madlibs’ with kids and it strikes me that this idea is just like a madlib but done with a feeling for good design, aimed at adults and with the sweetest of sentiments.
Check out her gorgeous video for a bunch of ideas and inspiration on how to bring a little joy to someone’s day.

Real Live Mums: Joy Cho makes people happy.

I think Joy Cho is a legend and I have been addicted to her blog Oh Joy! for some time.  Over the last year she has had a baby and her blog has changed flavour and direction a little bit.  This woman knows how to dress and (more after my own heart) she knows how to eat.  Her blog is a constant storybook of journeys to try new food with friends.

Recently she has begun a new project which will see her create a series of videos called “The Make Someone Happy” Project.  Here is video #1 – a music filled creation of bright balloons and gorgeous ribbons put together and left on peoples’ doorsteps, in their letterboxes and attached to their cars in an effort to ‘make someone happy’.