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Real Live Mums #2: Gold Medals are easy.

We can’t even imagine having our lives so perfect that all the washing is done.  How the hell do you have a pre-schooler and then win a gold medal? Kristin Armstrong says ”My son has given me balance, I can stop thinking about cycling.” It makes us think about how hard it is to be a committed sports woman, achieving your goals and at the same time being present for your kids at home.

Even just being in a social indoor netball team takes a logistical arrangement that is akin to mediaeval battle strategy of the highest order.  How is it that anyone with small kids can do enough training to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games.  All power to you Kristin – while you’re an inspiration to all of us, I doubt many of us will be joining your ranks any time soon. xox

Put on your to do list #5: Olympics Information

My kids are just loving the London Olympics. They are constantly yelling at me to come and see the TV every time a NZ athlete is on, and are enjoying supporting their favourite adopted country (all the time having their own brother / sister banter about whose team has been awarded the most medals).  Personally I’m happy when they call me to watch the swimmers…

I found this cool infographic that helps to explain more about the logistics behind London 2012.