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Put this on your to do list: Artifact Uprising

I know – there are a thousand different ways to put your photos into a book these days – via a Mac, snapfish, blurb and moo cards just to name a few.  Artifact Uprising laments the loss of the shoebox of family photos while at the same time tries to address the thousands photos so many of us have stored digitally but without any hard copy location for display.

Artifact Uprising

Perhaps Artifact Uprising is just the next in a long line but I think they are really gorgeous and not only do they believe in good design they have other principles too – and we love a business with principles:

They believe in leaving a legacy: “We believe in the story that is archived for future generations. we believe in moving stories off our computers…and into our lives”.

They use recycled paper: ”From day one, we’ve decided our interior printed pages need to be made of recycled content through and through – with pages made of 100% Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) recycled paper.  Continue reading →

Put this on your to do list #7: Monthly Baby Photos


OK,  I’m not anti-photos – but getting organised enough to actually do all those posed costumed in the same place type whatchamacallit seems like one hell of a drama.

If I had to do monthly baby shots I think I’d come out with roughly 4 and probably all in quick succession – 3,4,5 and perhaps 9 months, then it would be game over and my child would be 7 (years) before I realised  that I’d missed all the other photos.

If you are into monthly baby photos though – this idea from babble has it all.  Easy, plain background (the bed), no drama, fast (do it on your phone), no fuss, no posing AND you don’t need the crazy felt letters at all – you just grab the ABC magnets off the fridge – tadaaa!

Put a monthly reminder in your phone and get going.