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A Mum Did This: Mums the Word

“MUMS THE WORD” VOICES, HEARTS AND EXPERIENCES OF MOTHERS PROJECT  is  a body of work fuelled by the voices, hearts, images, words, monologues of mothers – about their experiences transitioning from maiden to mother – the sacrifices, the joys, the sensations, the unspokens, the expectations, the shift in identity etc.

It’s happening over on Pinterest – while I don’t think it will be  everyone’s cup of tea, it is worth a look,  even if just to see what motherhood means to others.


Mum Cool: Pinterest


Mumsontop loves pinterest.

Luckily we are  good at justifying our obsession it as work and will gladly show whoever questions us our  hundreds of images.  We have some super cool ideas for my house, wardrobe, celebrity crush, kids clothing ideas and yummy things to bake / cook – who can argue with that!?

Why not check out our pinterest boards here.