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Mum Cool: Shelf Portraits


Darragh Casey’s dad used to put up a shelf every time he was bored and this inspired the furniture design student to explore the relationship between people, shelves and the objects they are designed to hold. Rather than creating t shelves that support normal things, he began experimenting and creating shelves which rely on people to use their own bodies and weigh to support or counterbalance objects or require users to carefully configure their objects on the shelves.

Kind of cool?

A Mum Did This #2: Ciara

Ciara (pronounced Kee-rah) is a native of Carlow Ireland, and after some bouncing around Europe landed on the shores of America in 2004 and made a home away from home in Warrenville, Illinois with her husband Kevin. After her daughter was born in 2006, she began to look for children’s Irish language learning books that included English translations so she could teach her daughter the Irish language while teaching her about her Irish heritage.

Ciara also runs a beautiful project calls “Things my 3 year old says”.  This is our favorite.